Various Day Trips

We took various day trips with Davide, Dave, and sometimes Rossella and Jim to both see more of Italy and to practice photography. We went to Spello and Assisi, as well as several other and lesser known places. I enjoyed these places as they were less touristy and smaller. We also practiced sketching in several places and just enjoyed the beautiful towns and landscapes.

IMG_1406 IMG_1441 IMG_1442 IMG_1450 IMG_1471 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1479 IMG_1483 IMG_1485 IMG_1887 IMG_1890 IMG_1906 IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1972 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1997 IMG_2006 IMG_2007 IMG_2019 IMG_2027 IMG_2045

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